Styles of Wedding Videos

There are many different ways companies all over the world create wedding videos. I find that most of them fall into one of two categories: Cinematic or Traditional.

Cinematic wedding films include several key items to classify them as such: overviews of the day’s events and a music track that will accompany the video. Cinematic style videos are also shorter ranging between a Preview, at 30 seconds, and Epic, at 15 minutes. They reflect the entire days events from getting ready to the last dance, or even leaving for the honeymoon. A story line that runs through them, yes they tell the story of your wedding day, but also of you as a couple and your journey together. Cinematic wedding films have more of a creative flair, which allows the videographer and the editor to be more inventive while working; this means that there’s no distinct formula to creating them. Each video is unique because each couple is different.

Traditional wedding films are similar to documentary films in definition. They are an account of the events that happened exactly the way they happened. Traditional wedding films are stricter in their structure and format. It is a simpler edit, and there tends to be less creative license with them. Though music can be added for the ceremony, in certain situations, typically traditional edits have only ambient sounds that are captured during filming. Traditional wedding films are often included in addition to the cinematic style edits.

The way that each of these types of videos is handled varies company to company. It’s best to find a company that’s doing the types of videos you like and set up a meeting. They will be able to explain their spin on the types of videos and services they offer. Giving you not only a better grasp on what they do, but what you may want the final product to look like.